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Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are a universal type of packaging that provides an excellent opportunity to store and transport various products. Due to its simplicity and reliability, cardboard boxes are not only practical, but also a popular and ecological choice for many consumers. Corrugated cardboard boxes are perfect for storing or transporting all kinds of goods, from fragile and delicate items to clothing or food.

Advantages of cardboard boxes


Safely protects items inside the box. The strong construction of corrugated cardboard is made up of three layers: inner, middle (waves) and outer. Such a structure ensures the strength of the cardboard box and helps it maintain its shape during storage or transportation. Due to this property, corrugated cardboard products perfectly maintain their structure during transportation, they are quite difficult to tear or crush. It ensures the protection of belongings during short and long trips.


An economical choice. One of the main reasons why cardboard is such a popular packaging material is that it helps companies save money. This material is much cheaper than other types of packaging, such as plastic or wood. When ordering cardboard boxes in larger quantities, the price per unit is lower, and the unfolded boxes do not take up much space when storing them. It is also easy to adapt the cartons to the product you are selling, which is useful when shipping goods over long distances. And when sending goods by post, the light weight of the cardboard box is a great solution to reduce shipping costs.


Easy to adapt to different products. Cardboard is a very flexible material. This adaptability makes this material suitable for packaging a variety of products. From books, jewelry, clothes to pizza or drinks. When choosing cardboard packages according to individual measurements, you can find the right solution for your product. Cardboard boxes are one of the most diverse types of packaging, from large cardboard boxes that you can use to transport bulky products to small boxes suitable for packing small items. By choosing the right size cardboard box, you will be able to optimally use the volume transported by the vehicle.


The cardboard is suitable for printing. If you ship products directly to your customers, you'll probably want to choose boxes that look attractive and professional to improve your brand awareness. Unlike other materials, corrugated cardboard is easy to print with your logo, desired text or design to create a unique box.


Gofruotas kartonas tai draugiška medžiaga aplinkai. Medžiagos kartono gamybai yra gaunamos iš medienos, kuris yra labai ekologiškas produktas. Mediena yra atsinaujinantis šaltinis ir, kaip įrodyta, yra viena iš medžiagų, darančių labai mažą neigiamą poveikį aplinkai. Gaminant kartonines dėžes, palyginti su kitomis pakavimo medžiagomis, anglies dioksido ir naftos emisija yra mažesnė. Gofruotasis kartonas taip pat yra 100 % perdirbamas ir biologiškai skaidus, suyra ne ilgiau kaip per vienerius metus. Kartonines dėžes galima naudoti pakartotinai, taip pat perdirbti ir panaudoti naujo kartono gamybai ir sumažinti atliekų kiekį. Perdirbant sutaupoma daug energijos, o perdirbtai pakuotei pagaminti reikia 90 % mažiau vandens ir 50 % mažiau elektros energijos. 

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Types of corrugated cardboard and how to choose the most suitable packaging for you

Cardboard is one of the most widely used materials in the packaging industry. The main reason to choose corrugated cardboard boxes is the flexibility that the properties of cardboard allow. A wide selection of products allows you to choose from cardboard boxes and postal packages to protective sheets. The most popular corrugated cardboard product is a cardboard box or cardboard. Even for this seemingly simple product, there are many sizes, styles and options to choose from. Industry uses standard design patterns that are often referred to as FEFCO codes. 

How to choose the right cardboard box?
When choosing cardboard boxes, you should consider:

  • Purpose of use: you want to store or transport products. Also, what transportation or shipping method you will use. 

  • What products will you put in the boxes: breakable items, non-standard sizes, heavy and others

  • Method of closing the box, size and thickness of the cardboard

Types of corrugated cardboard and types of paper
One of the main characteristics that characterize corrugated cardboard is the type of paper used for it. Two main types of paper are used: kraft (for the outer cardboard layer) and test liner (for the middle - corrugated and inner layer). Kraft paper is of higher quality and is made from virgin fiber. Kraft paper is stronger, suitable for printing. Also, paper can be of various weights, which is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). The most commonly used in industry is 125/150/200/300 GSM, which you will more often see as 125KT etc. i.e. This would be 125 GSM paper with the outer side being kraft and the corrugation and inner layer being test. 

Types of cardboard
One of the simplest ways of sorting cardboard boxes is according to the amount of walls and their thickness. The strength of the box and the weight it can support depends on its size and the type and/or strength of the corrugated cardboard (as well as the overall quality of the construction). Double-walled boxes are generally used for large and heavy items. Thus, single walls are used for lighter items up to 10 kg, and for large cardboard boxes, extremely strong double-layer cardboard is used.

The most common types of cardboard: 
Single walls
Type B - 3mm 
Type C - 4 mm - for items up to 10 kg 
E groove - 1.5 mm - ideal for e-commerce. 
Double walls 
BC groove - 6.8 mm - combination of type B and C 
EB Groove - 4.5 mm - Combination of Type B and E 

Box styles
You will often see the FEFCO code on cardboard boxes. The FEFCO code is an internationally applied design system for corrugated cardboard packaging. It lists the type of box designs most commonly used, with a code number assigned to each design.

FEFCO's most popular style for shipping and delivery cartons is 0201, which is a flap box with both ends sealed with adhesive tape. Versions with side handles are available. FEFCO 0427 style boxes are more commonly known as quick-close (postal) boxes. Pallet boxes, these are especially large   cardboard boxes suitable for placing directly on pallets, can be glued or stapled (stapling is the most suitable method if you plan to transport goods in sea containers).

Corrugated boxes are an extremely affordable and cost-effective packaging option for most businesses. It is a versatile and environmentally friendly packaging solution. We manufacture cardboard boxes in various sizes, shapes and styles, suitable for various applications. Whether you're shipping products, storing personal items, or using for personal projects, cardboard boxes are the perfect choice for you.

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