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Boxes for shipping   supplies high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes for protecting stored and transported goods. As a manufacturer of cardboard boxes, we can offer boxes according to the customer's individual dimensions. One of the packages most often recommended by parcel services is cardboard boxes. The more suitable the corrugated cardboard box is, the better it will be protected during shipping.

How to choose the right type of box?

First you should measure and weigh your product. After taking the measurements, you will be able to more easily decide which box is the most suitable for you in terms of quality and price.

There are thousands of different sizes, shapes, styles of boxes, and you can also choose between two colors of the outer cardboard layer: brown and white. When you do not know what type of transport box you need, here are some examples of boxes:

  • small, medium and large rectangular boxes, otherwise known as FEFCO 0201, the most popular type of transport, storage and box for shipments;

  • boxes for heavy weight - often three-walled to be extra strong. This type of cardboard can be used for pallets or transport boxes;

  • long or tubular boxes - perfect for long narrow items, posters, etc.;

  • white cardboard boxes - an alternative to traditional brown boxes, color printing is possible;

  • boxes with partitions - designed to separate products from each other, e.g. bottles.

This will make it easier to understand what types of cardboard boxes can be ordered from us, and don't forget that you can get a sample of the packaging you want. Try the received samples. Check how stiff and sturdy they are. Can you easily pack your products or do you need a smaller/larger box. This is your chance to see what works for you and what ultimately protects what you send.

If you still have questions, you can contact us at orfill out this form


isada will advise you in making the best choice for shipping and transport boxes.

Types of cardboard

Cardboard boxes are usually made of different thicknesses of cardboard, which can be of three types:

  • single walls

  • double walls

  • triple wall corrugated cardboard.

The difference between them is very simple. A single-walled cardboard box contains a single layer of corrugated paper (curved lines between the pieces of cardboard). Meanwhile, double-walled cardboard contains two sheets of corrugated paper, and triple-walled cardboard contains three layers of corrugated paper.

The three different types mean that as the amount of corrugated paper increases, the cardboard becomes stronger, stronger and harder. Due to its unique construction, corrugated paper sheets create a strong layer by utilizing air pockets. This means that if the worst were to happen, such as the box being dropped or hit, the box would absorb the impact and protect the contents.

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